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Do you regularly email your customers often enough?

Cart abandons
Newsletter subscribers

Whatever you call people who came to your website and did not buy right away (or bought ONE thing and never returned) your prospects are missed revenue opportunities!

Most retailers don’t have time (or sometimes the skills and strategy) to come up with automations and regular campaigns designed to maximize the total revenue you could get from each person who joins your marketing systems.

Why leave money on the table?

I don’t need to sell you on marketing to your customer lists. Chances are you’re either already doing it and not making enough OR not doing it and wish you were.

Let’s go over quickly what makes us different and our process for taking this incredibly time consuming and challenging task of your plate.

#1. Automations
We setup the standard 8 eCommerce automations that help a customer at each stage of their buyers journey. Things like the cart/browse abandon, the new customer welcome, the VIP campaign, consumption campaigns, the unengaged 45 days and many more.

#2. Campaigns
We setup a content calendar and have you pre-approve each and every message we schedule to send daily, weekly or monthly. These are NOT sales pitches, but strategically written stories, deal announce, conversations, education and notifications that help customers know what and when to buy.

#3. List Maintenance
Our goal is to limit the number of unengaged or stale prospects. To do this we need to regularly analyze and clean the list of spam traps, high bounces, complaints and completely unengaged subscribers.

#4. Reporting & Analysis
We keep an eye on overall revenue, subject lines, bounces/complaints/unsubscribes and open rates by email provider to ensure YOU know your getting the right results. As the old saying goes, whatever gets measured gets managed.

It goes far deeper than this.

In some cases your business may need more complicated automations or analytics like tracking of subscription product drop off and follow up automations. Your lead sources may require deeper list cleaning or data enrichment.

Either way, we’re here to do all that and more so you can focus on what you do best. For most that’s continuing to come up with amazing products and services.

Let’s not pitch you something that you don’t need!

If you’re considering hiring someone to increase your average order value or lifetime customer value, and you dont’ have a solid email marketing program… Let’s have a friendly conversation where we can discuss what’s possible.

We will NOT hard pitch you. You’ll have no obligation to buy.


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